O2 Duration Info

O2 Duration

O2 Duration app is an oxygen duration calculator. The app allows the user to select oxygen cylinder sizes A, B, D, E, G, H, K and M. With current tank pressure and required flow rate, the app will return the calculated duration the oxygen will last. An in app countdown timer can be started that willcontinuouslycompute oxygen and time remaining. The app will alert the user when the tank pressure reaches 500lbs and again when the tank is empty. This app must not be used as a primary means of monitoring cylinder pressure. Always check cylinder gauge for actual cylinder pressure remaining.

It is important to understand that, due to restrictions by Apple, the timer portion of this app will not run continuously or at all in the background of devices. On devices capable of running background apps, the app will alert the user approximately 5 minutes after the app has entered the background. The app must be re-selected to prevent the app from closing completely and losing the timer information.Actual durations the app will remain running will depend on other applications running at the time on the device and available memory. This duration will never exceed 10 minutes.

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