AA Expense User Guide

Create a New Report

To create a new report push the 'New Report' button.

The top four fields on screen (Name, Customer, Tail# and Flt Log#) represent title information for your expense report and should apply to all the expenses you are adding to your expense report.

Name, Customer, or Tail Number - These fields will bring up a list of previously used names for each one of these fields. You can add items to these lists by selecting '+' and entering the appropriate information. To remove items on a list, swipe the item to delete. When you have the desired item in the list, touching that item will insert it into your expense report.

Flt Log# - When applicable, enter the flight log number for the trip in which the associated expenses will have occurred.

Add Expenses

To add an expense item to the Expense Report push 'Add Expense'. From the following list select the expense category for the item you are adding.

Select each field and enter the appropriate information for the expense items. In some cases not all fields will apply to the expense. In those cases leave the inapplicable field blank or enter N/A.

Each item must have a Payment which indicates who paid for the item. The “Notes” section should include as much detail as possible for each expense item.

Receipts - Receipts can be added to your expense report with your device camera or photo library. When taking a photo of a receipt insure that you have adequate lighting and that the image is in focus. Multiple receipts can be added for each expense item if needed. Swipe to delete any unwanted photo receipt.

Please retain all original receipts as Aero Air may request that you send them in via postal or email.


At any point you can save your expense report without submitting it. This will allow you to check or add to it at a later time. You can also start additional expense reports concurrently. If you save an expense report the main page will show the expense report with a status of “Not Sent”.


When you have entered all the expenses in your expense report push the ‘Submit’ button. Pushing the Submit button will convert your expense report to a PDF file and attach it to an email to fltops.accounting@aeroair.com. If you would like a copy of the expense report add your name to the To: or Cc: email fields. Push the ‘Send’ button and your expense report will be sent.

If you have a lot of receipts that you are including in the expense report you may want to insure your device is on a wifi connection to increase the speed at which the email is sent and reduce the amount of cellular data used. If you have more than 10 receipts you may want to scan the receipts and send them separately.

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